eCOTS 2024 - Registration


Electronic Conference On Teaching Statistics


Notes about registration:

  1. Registration is a two-step process. The first part requires you to pay for registration. The second part requires you to select a reading group, regional conference, and workshop(s) if you are interested. Please review information about these events at the following links.
    - Information about Reading Groups can be viewed here.
    - Information about Regional Conferences can be viewed here.
    - Information about Workshops can be viewed here.
  2. You can revisit your registration and change the answers to these questions. To do this,  navigate to the email sent by Eventbrite with your ticket, open your ticket, and click the “edit” button, you can change your answers to any question.
  3. Registration is $25, payment methods include Credit Card, Google Pay, and PayPal.
  4. Registrants from member institutions, grad students, 2-year college instructors, and high school teachers can find discount codes here.