Tech Talk: ggformula - A Less Volume, More Creativity approach to data visualization in R

Randall Pruim (Calvin College)


ggformula provides a new interface to ggplot2 graphics that combines ideas from lattice and modeling functions in R (e.g., a formula-based interface) and the tidyverse suite of packages (e.g., use of the pipe operator) to produce a wide array of both standard and highly customized data visualizations. Because of its reliance on programming paradigms commonly used elsewhere in R, it is quick to learn, easy to remember, and fits well into a larger toolkit. Originally designed with new users (including students) in mind, ggformula provides access to the full range of ggplot2 graphics and customizations, so it is suitable for use as a primary data visualization tool.

This breakout session will provide an introduction to ggformula and show how it fits into a "Less Volume, More Creativity" approach to data science or statistics. Participants will be invited to give ggformula a test drive (either live during the workshop or on their own later) via an interactive tutorial. No installation of R will be required.