P3-07: Lessons Learned: Designing Asynchronous Graduate Statistics Courses

By Lisa A. Shipley & Jennifer Ann Morrow (University of Tennessee)


Teaching online requires different pedagogical approaches than teaching a face-to-face course (Magruder & Kumar, 2018; Meyer & Murrell, 2014). Quality instruction in an online classroom requires well-designed coursework based on learning and instructional theory, educational technology, and instructor knowledge. With the rise in popularity of distance education, many statistics professors are charged with moving their face-to-face courses to an online format without the benefit of collaborating with an instructional designer. This poster focuses on the development of instructional materials, social presence, and authentic learning activities for an online graduate statistics course, which had previously been taught in a face-to-face classroom. We present practical considerations for addressing the needs of an online student, suggestions of engaging activities for an online statistics course, and lessons learned as asynchronous instructors.