P1-05: Teaching Statistical Concepts using PechaKucha Presentations

By Jennifer Ann Morrow, Lisa Shiley (University of Tennessee); and Stephanie Kelly (North Carolina A&T State University)


As statistics educators we continuously struggle with how to engage our students and get them excited about learning statistics. Using interactive presentations and fun/humorous activities are a way to enhance student engagement and understanding of statistics (Lesser et al., 2013; Levasseur & Sawyer, 2006). In our poster presentation we will describe a type of presentation style, PechaKucha, that has been shown to be successful at increasing engagement and understanding of the course topic (Byrne, 2016; Levin & Peterson, 2013; Lucas & Rawlins, 2015). The authors have used this fast-paced, interactive presentation style in both undergraduate and graduate level statistics classrooms.