Data Science Education across the US and the National Academies

Eric Kolaczyk (Boston University); Andrew Zieffler; Ben Wender


Data science education programs are emerging rapidly across academia, industry, and private consulting firms, many of which push the boundaries of existing disciplinary programs in statistics, computer science, and domain fields. Within academia alone, there is wide variety across new programs—for example, some programs focus on incorporating computing skills and principles into existing statistics curriculum while others seek to engage all students through general education requirements related to reasoning with data. This Birds of a Feather discussion will draw from academics across the U.S. to discuss ongoing data science education efforts at their home institution, and reflect on where they would like to see nascent programs go in the future. Discussants will be drawn from ongoing and recently completed National Academies of Sciences projects related to data science education, and will reflect on how National Academies efforts can inform development of data science programs.