Beyond the SRS: A Weighted Survey Data Example

Presented by:

Pamela Fellers, Ruby Barnard-Mayers & Karin Yndestad, Grinnell College


A wide variety of complex and interesting data sets are now easily accessible. Appropriate analysis and interpretation for such data requires an understanding of the methodology and correct specification in the statistical software of choice. For example, survey data observed through a complex sampling design typically involves weighting. These survey weights usually account for the design features as well as for additional information available at the population level and nonresponse adjustments. While many undergraduate statistics courses mention surveys and weighted data there are few courses or available resources that address how to thoroughly analyze and interpret this type of data. We have created learning materials and interactive visuals which utilize available national survey datasets to highlight common misunderstandings of working with weighted data as well as present more appropriate ways of analyzing weighted data.



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