E-portfolios in Statistics Course Assessment: Sexier and Smarter

Presented by:

Dane Christian Joseph, George Fox University


Over the last decade, e-portfolios have grown in use and importance for faculty and students. E-portfolios can be used for formative and summative assessment, and allow students to take significant control of the assessment process while at the same time producing time-resistant academic artifacts that potential employers can evaluate during the interview process. E-portfolios are like most products that fall short of success if the principles of proper design, implementation, and use aren’t followed. But when executed well, they can transform the assessment and learning toward assessment for learning. Thus, the purpose of this poster presentation is to provide an overview on:
  1. Best practices in the design and use of e-portfolios,
  2. How the concepts of assessment related to test validity, reliability and fairness in statistics course assessment can be applied to e-portfolios, and
  3. E-portfolio mini-examples that students can utilize upon graduation as tools for applying to jobs and post-graduate programs.



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