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Music of the Atoms, Quantum Improvisation and Composing with Particles

Presented by
Suzie Shrubb (Musician)

Website: Music of the Atoms | Music Of The Atoms


Featured works

The Silent Thread The Silent Thread - YouTube

Film by Elena Gramellini, Music by Suzie Shrubb and Elena Gramellini

A film about neutrinos. Music was composed by Elena Gramellini in collaboration with me.

499 Seconds Neutrino Oscillations for Voices- Music of Solar Neutrinos.  Score.

The Song Of 3C-295 (headphones only)- Music of Photons

Stream The Song Of 3C - 295 (Headphones only) by suzieshrubb | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

This is the song of galaxy 3C-295 as we hear it here, on Earth.

Other locations in the universe would hear a different song.

This galaxy is 5000 million light years from us on Earth, and is travelling away from us at almost half the speed of light.

The song of this galaxy is subtle and quiet, travelling to us as it does through such a vast distance. Astronomy and particle physics measurements need to take steps that filter out excess noise from the universe and therefore we also need to filter out the noise around us to hear this song. Use headphones to hear it's voice reverberations, close your eyes and focus your listening sense into the vibrations of your eardrum. Maybe listen to it at night in the dark.

You hear the song as it travels through our field of hearing, and then away, forever out of reach of our ears.

Galaxy 3C- 295 is found in the constellation of Bootes. If you live in the northern hemisphere you can see this constellation move across the southern part of the sky.

What I Feel When I Hear You Say Silent Threads Is Something Like This

Stream What I Feel When I Hear You Say Silent Threads Is Something Like This(Headphones only) by suzieshrubb | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

This piece was made in response to apiece of writing which Elena Gramellini sent me about neutrinos. I have made this writing into a text score which musicians can interpret as they like, as I did.

a tintinnabulation of cosmic scintillation- Music of Neutrons- score attached.

Stream a tintinnabulation of cosmic scintillation by suzieshrubb | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

second sound- Music of Phonons.- score attached.

‘Cross Sections’: This is a new suite of pieces which has emerges from my collaboration with Mateus Carneiro of Brookhaven National Laboratory. Cross sections are a measurement of the likelihood of a particular particle interaction taking place inside the proton. This pieces examines and explores the music of cross sections from initial measurement, to final results. This piece of writing is the initial plan or introduction to this five movement work which I am currently working on. I hope this will be premiered as part of my concert at Fermilab in December 2022.