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A-mu-sing Panel: STEM & Music Outreach Panel

Presented by
Helen Arney, Lewis Hou, Rishi Net, & Benji Jones

Helen Arney
A science comedian and geek songstress who also has a background in physics! She has performed around the world in theaters and television on features such as BBC Coast and Outrageous Acts of Science on Discovery.

Rishi Net
Also known as "Professor Karmadillo"; a biologist who loves to make science fun by merging it with art to make creative and entertaining science videos.  His latest album is titled "Giant Leaps".

Lewis Hou
An interdisciplinary science educator who also has a background neuroscience. He promotes his passion to merge the fields of science and the arts through Ceilidh (Scottish reel dances) that actually teach science through music and dancing!

Ben Jones
Musical Director of Harmony Choir which is a four-part harmony choir in Edinburgh, Scotland that uses music and song to educate the community about mental illness and the stigma associated with this topic.