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School You in Biology: Let the Music do the Work

Presented by
Kristin Chavis, Green Oaks High School (LA)

In the 21st century classroom students don't just want to hear you talk for 20+ minutes. You may feel like you're being informative or that it's necessary, but for the learners not so much. Our society has created a generation of people with such short attention spans. People are more receptive to music, dance and videos. Combine those together and you get engagement and 21st century learning. Learn how to put your STEM lesson in an effective song format which will allow the song do the teaching. As the educator you will just have to facilitate, monitor and assess. If a mini-lecture does take place the learner has the song to reflect back to. However making a general song is not effective. You must study the culture, know your content and assess using your own material.