4SW - The Secret Society of Science SongWriters - A High School Club

Presented by
Avi Silber, Northwest High School (MD)

It has been a little over 4 years since 4SW was founded at Northwest High School in Germantown Maryland. Since then, the club has produced over 30 music videos, and more than 60 songs. At this point, club members are capable of consistently producing music videos in a single afternoon session. Their works have earned them invitations to the White House (the old one), the National Aquarium, the MAEOE Conference in Baltimore, and numerous film festivals. This workshop will delve briefly into the story of how 4SW was founded. Then we will go into an in-depth description of how we produce our science music videos. The final part of this workshop will be devoted to explaining the process for starting a club like 4SW. We are hoping to create a broader community of science songwriting clubs, and the best way is to teach others how we started. Here, we will also explain the various hurdles that we had to overcome in growing the club's skill sets, membership numbers, identity, and healthy culture. We are also prepared to share our fundraising techniques as well as our experiences with outreach.