How to Rock Your Classroom, Even if You Can’t Play an Instrument or Sing!

Presented by

Willy Wood, Educational Consultant (MO), and Brod Bagert, Poet (LA)


Have you always wanted to use music to teach your content, but you’ve been afraid to try it because you weren’t sure you could “write a song” or because you don’t see yourself as being “musical”? Well, never fear! The process is a lot simpler than you would think, and in this short workshop, Willy Wood, co-author of The Rock ‘N’ Roll Classroom, and poet Brod Bagert will walk you through a simple step-by-step process that will have you creating content-embedded songs for your classroom in no time. You know your content, and you know hundreds or even thousands of tunes (though you’ve probably never thought about it). All you have to do is learn how to put these two things that you already know together. Come and find out how!


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