Earworms and Melodies: Teaching Science Through Songs

Presented by

Donna Governor, PhD, University of North Georgia (GA)


Since ancient times songs have been used for teaching and learning. We often think of melody as providing a mnemonic device for recalling information, but songs have the ability to engage students in learning at a much more conceptual level. Dissertation research completed in 2011 shows that especially for middle school students, songs that are rich in content can be used to build conceptual understanding through prolonged engagement, vocabulary building, providing alternative explanations and stimulating the brain through multiple neural networks. Especially for today's learners who are digital natives and always wired with earbuds and an MP3 player, science songs are a great way to stimulate learning if implemented appropriately and with some simple guidelines. In this session I will share research and strategies and for using science content songs for learning.



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Late examination concerning the impacts of music on the mind uncovers that the cerebrum adores music and that data going on melodic notes is found out more rapidly and Buy Coursework Online better held for quick, exact recovery, MacDonald prompts. Yet, while the examination likewise shows that a few youngsters advantage more than others from music in the classroom, there has not been much investigation of how melodies, serenades, and children's songs impact learning. She trusts that they help.

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