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2019 Spring USRESP Winners

Standing Authors Title Institution Faculty Sponsor Project
1st Luke Benz An Examination of Timeout Value, Strategy, and Momentum in NCAA Division 1 Men's Basketball Yale University Xiaofei (Susan) Wang View
2nd Simon Couch Encouraging Equitable Bikeshare: Implications of Docked and Dockless Models for Spatial Equity Reed College Heather Kitada View
2nd Huaying Qiu & Wenxin Du A True Lie about Reed College: U.S News Ranking Reed College Kelly McConville View
3rd Alexandria Guo An Unbiased Variance Estimator of a K-sample U-statistic with Application to AUC in Binary Classification Wellesley College Qing (Wendy) Wang View
Honorable Mention Henry Eaton Are You Taking the P? Correcting Psychology Students Misconceptions About Probability Values University of Bristol (UK) Peter Allen View
Honorable Mention Elliot Pickens Graphical Inference with Convolutional Neural Networks Carleton College Adam Loy View