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**David C. Howell's Statistical Homepage

This set of pages contains statistical material compiled by David C. Howell that may be of interest to both faculty and students. Some of it goes along with his textbooks (Statistical Methods for Psychology and Fundamental Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences), but there is other more general material that could be used along with other textbooks as well, or that could serve as helpful aids in the learning of statistics.
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Date Of Record Creation 2010-10-15 15:01:00
Date Last Modified 2010-10-15 15:10:00
Date Of Record Release 2010-10-15 15:10:00
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Author Name David C. Howell
Author Organization University of Vermont
Comments The organization of the material means that finding the gems requires substantial sifting. However, there are great resources here, especially for statistics educators. The author was very generous to share his collection with the rest of us.
Content Quality (Concerns) The organization is _so poor_ that I had trouble getting back to pages two days after I initially worked and read through them. The site seeks to do too much to make it immediately useful to either a student or an instructor.
Content Quality (Strengths) This website is a library of resources collected over a long career by a now-retired professor. Narrative-style lecture notes, labs, glossary, SPSS instructions, exams, schedule, links to data sets and other statistics sites, tutorial for Bootstrapping, etc. Very helpful collection, obviously put together with careful thought over many years.
Ease of Use (Concerns) A substantial amount of the web page is meant to be supplemental material for courses or texts the author wrote or was teaching. Redesign of the VERY useful randomization and bootstrapping portion would render this a useful contribution. However, the short and sweet programs are difficult to find and currently not well documented (through trial and error I determined the maximum number of data points for allowed to bootstrap a mean) The lack of ease of use of the web site means that I would hesitate to recommend the web site. I might sift through the material and give specific URLs to students so that they could use some of the material on the site.
Ease of Use (Strengths) Many of the applets (buried in the section labeled Fundamentals Book) are similar to applets that are currently indexed and better adapted for classroom use. The randomization and bootstrapping sections are good. This is an easily-navigable website. It hasn't been updated in several years, but it is not the type of site that necessarily has to be updated frequently. The author warns that perhaps not all the links have content attached, but I did not find any broken links. The design is not fancy or high-tech, but it is straightforward and clean.
Potential Effectiveness (Concerns) The web site is extensive. Pieces of it could be good, but since it is so large the following are concerns: It is not easy to write assignments for, it cannot be readily integrated into a statistics course or curriculum, it does not promotes and/or use effective learning strategies, it does not seem to help develop critical thinking skills, it is not meant to promote student discovery, and it's not clear if learning can be readily assessed. There aren't necessarily a lot of activities a student could jump right in and try, but that's not the intention of this site.
Potential Effectiveness (Strengths) There are so many great resources here, especially for other teachers, but also for students. The students would probably be most interested in the lectures because they are so thorough and easily readable.
Content Quality (Rating) 4
Ease of Use (Rating) 3
Potential Effectiveness (Rating) 4
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