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Statistical Inference and Techniques -- One Numerical Variable Methods

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View Resource The Student T Test for One Sample

This calculator computes the t-statistic, degrees of freedom (DF), and p-value for the Student's t Test for pairwise differences. The user inputs either the pairs or the differences in the pairs. The null hypothesis is that the mean difference of the pairs is zero.
View Resource The Wilcoxon Two Sample Test

This calculator computes the p-value for the Wilcoxon Test. The user inputs values for two samples. The null hypothesis is that the populations from which the two samples are taken have identical median values.
View Resource Webinar: Using StatCrunch as a Computational Tool in Introductory Statistics

This recording of a web seminar (webinar) provides a tour of StatCrunch. StatCrunch ( is a freely available Web-based data analysis package. StatCrunch has all of the routines required for introductory statistics and many more. The software also offers pedagogical features such as interactive graphics. Many of these capabilities are discussed and demonstrated by StatCrunch...
View Resource Webinar: Using the ARTIST website to develop assessments for introductory statistics

This recording of a web seminar (webinar) provides a tour of the Assessment Resource Tools for Improving Statistical Thinking (ARTIST) web site. During this webinar, ARTIST team member Bob delMas guides you through the ARTIST website. The tour includes an overview of an online collection of literature on assessment in statistics education, much of which can be accessed online or downloaded....
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