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Probability -- Elementary Probability -- General Rules

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View Resource Two-Sample t-Test for Equal Means (Engineering Statistics Handbook)

Gives textbook-like explanation with some real-life data to compute a t-test and determine if two population means are equal. Also has some links for case studies and a web-based program called Dataplot. There is a printer-friendly version on the main homepage (see source).
View Resource Two-Way ANOVA

This applet illustrates many features of a two-factor analysis of variance. Allows the user to adjust the group size and group means. Gives output of ANOVA table and a Venn diagram showing how the sum of squares total is divided among SSA, SSB, SSAxB, and SSE. Contains instructions on how to use the applet and an exercise set.
View Resource Z-test for difference between means

A slideshow presentation with two good examples on using the Z-test for the difference between two means. Gives some good "plain language" interepretations of what "statistically significant difference" means.
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