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Probability -- Elementary Probability -- Sample Space and Sets

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View Resource Statz Rappers

This video is a humorous refresher of statistics methodology. This rap video presents a parody with statistical references. It is quite entertaining.
View Resource The Sample Space Model

The following is the model of Sample Space with Event A. N points are selected at random (or equiprobable ). The probability P(A), can be approximated by the ratio of the number of points inside A and the total number of points n.
View Resource Two-Way ANOVA

This applet illustrates many features of a two-factor analysis of variance. Allows the user to adjust the group size and group means. Gives output of ANOVA table and a Venn diagram showing how the sum of squares total is divided among SSA, SSB, SSAxB, and SSE. Contains instructions on how to use the applet and an exercise set.
View Resource Types of Data

This is a PowerPoint lecture presentation describing different types of data, from categorical data to measurement data. You are allowed to download the original presentation.
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