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Probability -- Elementary Probability -- Sample Space and Sets

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View Resource **Analysis Tool ANOVA: ANalysis Of VAriance between groups

A computational tool that runs the one-way ANOVA by the user inputing individual data or by copying and pasting a delimitted data set.
View Resource **Understanding ANOVA visually

Visual ANOVA is a simple little program that puts the theory on ANOVA into a simple visual whole. It assumes that you've read the Even if your understanding is incomplete at this time, it is worth playing with Visual ANOVA since that may clear up the big picture for you.
View Resource Box Model

This virtual applet simulates randomly drawing numbers from a box. You can choose which numbers you would like to choose from and the number of draws. The applet has the option to show theoretical probability and displays the results in histogram form.
View Resource Dataset Example: Pay for Play: Are Baseball Salaries Based on Performance?

The dataset presented in this article provides the salary and performance data for non-pitchers for the 1992 Major League Baseball season. Exploratory data analysis is used to determine a suitable regression model for the data. Key Words: Model selection and validation; Stepwise model selection.
View Resource Foundations

This online, interactive lesson on foundations provides examples, exercises, and applets which review the algebra of sets and functions, general relations with special emphasis on equivalence relations and partial orders, and some basic combinatorial structures such as permuations and combinations.
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