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Probability -- Elementary Probability

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Counting Methods for Probability (12)
General Rules (108)
Random Variables (34)
Sample Space and Sets (22)

View Resource DAU StatRefresher: Basic Probability

This interactive tutorial on Basic Probability helps students understand the basic concepts of probability, define independent and compound events, use the basic properties of probability, understand the concept of conditional probability, and solve exercise problems using basic probability.
View Resource Diffusion Limited Aggregation: Growing Fractal Structures

This site provides the description and instructions for as well as the link to the Diffusion Limited Aggregation: Growing Fractal Structures applet. This applet strives to describe, classify, and measure different random fractal patterns in nature.
View Resource Experiment Resources

This site is a collection of resources related to experiments. The site includes references, resources, and articles related to the scientific method, experimental research, ethics in research, and research design. It also includes tips on writing scientific papers, and there are several statistics tutorials on the site. Another interesting feature of the site is a collection of case studies...
View Resource Explorations for the Area Probability Applet

This website provides the URL of a Java applet and steps for using it. Here, students can manipulate the size of the circle and the rectangle to explore the probability that a point in the rectangle is also in the circle.
View Resource Forest Fires and Percolation

This is the description and instructions as well as a link for the Forest Fires and Percolation applet. It builds a background with a "hands-on" activity for the students which then leads to the applet itself. The applet is a game where the object is to save as many trees from the forest fire as possible. It shows the spread of a fire with the variable of density and the probabilty of the...
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