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Statistical Topic Classifications
Elementary Probability (351)
Limit Theorems (125)
Multivariate Distributions (219)
Probability Measures (17)
Simulation (216)
Stochastic Processes (116)
Univariate Distributions (554)

View Resource Against All Odds: 15. What Is Probability?

In this free online video program, "students will learn the distinction between deterministic phenomena and random sampling. This program introduces the concepts of sample space, events, and outcomes, and demonstrates how to use them to create a probability model. A discussion of statistician Persi Diaconis's work with probability theory covers many of the central ideas about randomness and...
View Resource Age Discrimination?

In this handout, students are asked to compare the ages of terminated employees to the ages of retained employees. Students will use the comparison to decide if the data supports the conclusion of age discrimination.
View Resource An Alternative Approach to the Mean

This article describes an alternate calculation of expected value, which illustrates continuous random variables.
View Resource Analyzing and Drawing Conclusions from Univariate Data

This is a Concept Map for exploring the aspects of univariate data. It provides related vocabulary as well as introduces students to Fathom.
View Resource AniWiki

AniWiki is a gallery for statistical animations in several subjects such as probability, linear models, multivariate statistics, and nonparametric statistics. Most of the animations are created in the R environment.
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