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Probability -- Simulation

View Resource Bootstrapping

This lesson describes bootstrapping in the context of a statistics class for psychology students.
View Resource Boxplot

This site give a definition and an example of boxplots. Topics include outliers, medians, as well as lower and upper quartiles.
View Resource Breaking A Monoalphabetic Encryption System Using a Known Plaintext Attack

This applet illustrates the codebreaking process using a chi-squared process.
View Resource Breaking The Rectangular Transposition Encryption System

This applet illustrates the codebreaking process entitled Rectangular Transposition Encryption System.
View Resource Breaking The Vigenere Encryption System

This applet is programmed to illustrate the code-breaking process using the Vigenere encryption as the code. The Vigenere encryption is broken by comparing histograms of various frequencies until the correct guess is obtained. A wrong guess for the period p leads to relatively flat histograms. The code breaker in this case repeats the analysis with a new trial period.
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