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View Resource Analysis Tool: JFreeChart

JFreeChart is a free Java class library for generating charts, including: pie charts (2D and 3D); bar charts (regular and stacked, with an optional 3D effect); line and area charts; scatter plots and bubble charts; time series, high/low/open/close charts and candle stick charts; combination charts; Pareto charts; Gantt charts; wind plots, meter charts and symbol charts; wafer map charts;
View Resource Analysis Tool: JFreeDesigner

JFreeDesigner is a graphical report definition designer for JFreeReport. It allows the user to edit the xml source code of a report and to use a graphical WYSIWYG-editor to define the layout of the elements. This designer is currently in the early alpha state. At the moment most of the more advanced functionality is missing, but the current state allows you to edit the elements of an report.
View Resource Analysis Tool: Kappa as a Measure of Concordance in Categorical Sorting

Calculates unweighted kappa and kappa with linear and quadratic weightings, along with some other measures of concordance.
View Resource Analysis Tool: Learning Objects for Statistical Decision Making

This website is a collection of analysis tools commonly used in statistics and mathematics. These tools are divided into 7 categories: 1) Summarizing Data 2)Computational Probability 3)Requirements for most tests and computations 4) One population and one variable 5)One population and two or more variables 6)Two or three populations and one variable 7) Several populations and one or more...
View Resource Analysis Tool: One-Way Analysis of Variance for Independent or Correlated Samples

This page will compute the One-Way ANOVA for up to five samples. The design can be either for independent samples or correlated samples (repeated measures or randomized blocks). This page will also perform pair-wise comparisons of sample means via the Tukey HSD test
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