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View Resource A search engine for R help is a search engine for R resources. Type any topic in the search box, and get resources that are R specific. You can further narrow your search to just articles, books, packages, support, or "for beginners."
View Resource Age-Structured Population Growth Applet

This applet allows you to manipulate the starting population, age-class survival rates, and age-class fecundity rates over 10 generations for up to 6 age classes. The default gives you the same population size for each age class as well as the same fecundity rate and survival rates. Move the sliders for each age class to manipulate each of these factors. You will see the relative proportions...
View Resource Analysis Tool Chi-Square, Cramer's V, and Lambda for an RxC Contingency Table

This calculator performs the following for a contingency table up to 5x5: chi-square analysis; Cramer's V; two asymmetrical versions of lambda; the Goodman-Kruskal index of predictive association; other measures relevant to categorical prediction. Key Word: Categorical Analysis.
View Resource Analysis Tool Confidence Interval for the Estimated Mean of a Population

Given a sample of N values of X randomly drawn from a normally distributed population, this page will calculate the .95 and .99 confidence intervals (CI) for the estimated mean of the population.
View Resource Analysis Tool Create a Graph: Pie Charts

This resource defines a pie chart. It also allows the user to input values to create their own graphs. The user has control over the title, up to 15 slices, the color of each slice, and can choose a 3-D option.
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