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Data Presentation -- One Numerical Variable -- Measures of Spread

View Resource Average, Standard Deviation and Relative Standard Deviation

This pdf file gives definitions for average, standard deviation, and relative standard deviation, and works through a short problem as an example.
View Resource Backward Probability Template

Given the population incidence of a certain disease, and the conditional probabilities of positive and negative test results, what are the probabilities for a particular test result of a true positive, true negative, false positive, and false negative? Adaptable to other kinds of conditional situations. Although this page is adaptable to a variety of backward probability situations, its exemplary...
View Resource Basic Sample Stats Calculator

The page calculates summary statistics for any dataset. Users will be prompted for sample size when opening this page. The calculator returns mean, sum of X, sum of X^2, variance, standard deviation, and standard error. Key word: Descriptive statistics.
View Resource Bernoulli and Binomial Distributions Calculator

This resource provides two sets of detailed notes on the Bernoulli and Binomial distributions. Additional readings, examples, exercises, and links to applets illustrating the respective distributions are also given.
View Resource Boxplot

This activity allows users to create and manipulate boxplots for either built-in data or their own data. Discussion, exercise questions, and lesson plans regarding boxplots are linked to the applet.
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