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Building Blocks

View Resource Buffon's Needle

This is a "Building Block" for the Buffon Needle problem. The source code and compile code are included as well as separate files for each. Users able to test the applet to determine if it meets their needs.
View Resource Buffon's Needle: An Analysis and Simulation

Gives some background on the Buffon needle problem. Has a link to an applet that allows one to simulate dropping a needle1, 10, 100, or 1000 times. One also has control over the length of the needle.
View Resource Central Limit Theorem

This applet allows the user to choose from several discrete distributions and to see what happens to the distribution of a sum of these random variables. The labels on the x-axis are misleading for underlying distributions, such as the geometric, which cannot be negative.
View Resource Central Limit Theorem

The program CenLimit shows the effects of the central limit theorem. The user may select from various distributions to draw different numbers of observations for calculating the means. The distribution of the means is plotted. You may use this program to find out the relationship between the number of observations and the resulting standard deviation of the means.
View Resource Chart Construction Kit

The JCCKit is a small (
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