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Statistical Inference and Techniques -- One Numerical Variable Methods -- Location

View Resource Boxplot

This activity allows users to create and manipulate boxplots for either built-in data or their own data. Discussion, exercise questions, and lesson plans regarding boxplots are linked to the applet.
View Resource Buffon's Needle: An Analysis and Simulation

Gives some background on the Buffon needle problem. Has a link to an applet that allows one to simulate dropping a needle1, 10, 100, or 1000 times. One also has control over the length of the needle.
View Resource CAST: Computer Assisted Statistics Teaching

CAST contains three complete introductory statistics courses, one advanced statistical methods course, and additional modules. Each introductory course presents the same topics, but with different applications. The first is a general version, the second is a biometric version with examples relating to biological, agricultural and health sciences, and the third is a business version. Each...
View Resource Central Limit Theorem

This tutorial illustrates the basic principles of the Central Limit Theorem and enhances conceptual understand of why the Central Limit Theorem is important to inferential statistics.
View Resource Chi-Square Test or the "Goodness of Fit" Test

This tutorial explains the theory and use of the Chi-Square Test for goodness of fit and demonstrates it with an example on mastery test scores. Data is given as well as SPSS and Minitab code.
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