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Statistical Inference and Techniques

Statistical Topic Classifications
Categorical Methods (172)
Design of Experiments (30)
Estimation Principles (183)
Linear Models (380)
Multivariate Techniques (22)
Nonlinear Models (13)
Nonparametric Techniques (56)
One Numerical Variable Methods (174)
Sampling Distributions (51)
Significance Testing Principles (290)
Statistical Quality Control (3)
Survival Analysis (35)

View Resource *Using an Applet to Demonstrate a Sampling Distribution

This in-class demonstration combines real world data collection with the use of the applet to enhance the understanding of sampling distribution. Students will work in groups to determine the average date of their 30 coins. In turn, they will report their mean to the instructor, who will record these. The instructor can then create a histogram based on their sample means and explain that they...
View Resource 2000 Hate Crime Statistics

This is an article which contains background information as well as 14 tables for the hate crime statistics in 2000. The document is divided into methodology, hate crime statistics, and jurisdictional hate crime statistics. The file is in Adobe Acrobat format.
View Resource 7 Things You Should Know About Clickers

This reference resource explores the use of clickers, or personal response systems, in the classroom. Main points of discussion include what clickers are, who is using them, what makes them unique, why they are considered significicant, the downsides, and teaching and learning implications.
View Resource A Brief Introduction to Bayesian Statistics

This pdf text file gives a short introduction to the methods of Bayesian inference. It gives a simple example that deals with jumping a paper frog. The topics listed in this document include: An example, comparison of frequentist and Bayesian methods, credible vs. confidence intervals, choice of prior and its effect on the posterior distribution.
View Resource A Brief Introduction to Probability and Statistics

This online textbook covers the following probability and statistics topics: Independence; Venn Diagrams; Bayes's Theorem; Counting; Binomial Expansion; Binomial Distribution; Continuous Distributions; Infinitesimals in Probability; Averaging; Variance; Gaussian Distribution; Random Walks; Correlation; Causation; Linear Regression; Unbiased Estimators; Hypothesis Testing; Shape of the...
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