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View Resource Song: Every Assumption You Make

A song about the different assumptions needed for parametric statistical methods and the importance of checking how well they hold and what effect they may have on the results and conclusions. The lyrics were written in 2017 by Dennis K. Pearl from Penn State University and may be sung to the tune of "Every Breath You Take" written by Sting and made popular by The Police on their 1983 album...
View Resource Quote: Wollstonecraft on Hypotheses

A quote to be used in discussing how sufficient data should be able to trump an hypothesis. The quote is by English philosopher and pioneering feminist Mary Wollstonecraft (1759 – 1797) from her 1792 book "A Vindication of the Rights of Woman." .
View Resource Quote: Hamilton on Uncertainty

A quote that might be used in discussing the research cycle where data is gathered in order to reduce uncertainty, which in turn leads to refinement of models and a new quest to reduce remaining uncertainty. The quote is by American educator and classicist Edith Hamilton (1867 – 1963) from her book Spokesmen for God (1949). The quote may also be found at
View Resource Quote: Kemble on Uncertainty

A quote to aid in discussing the idea that uncertainty is undesirable but knowledge of it is desirable in statistics. The quote is by British actress and writer Frances Anne Kemble (1809 – 1893) written in 1838 and quoted in the 1972 book Fanny Kemble Wister, editor, "Fanny: The American Kemble: her journals and unpublished letters."
View Resource Quote: Koller on Noise

A quote to aid in discussing the foundational idea in statistics of the importance of understanding the nature of uncertainty. The quote is by Israeli-American educator, computer scientist, and co-founder of the Coursera online platform Daphne Koller (1968 - ). The quote is found in the May 3, 2008 New York Times story on Dr. Koller.
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