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View Resource Excel Data Sets for Classroom Use

This collection of datasets from Dr. John Rasp's Statistics Webpage is for his STAT 460 (Experimental Design & Advanced Data Analysis), STAT 301 (Business Statistics), STAT 201 (Intro to Business Statistics) classes. This also provides links for statistical web pages, resources for statistical studies, Homework and lecture reviews.
View Resource Rdatasets

This is a collection of data sets that were part of R packages. The data set page includes information on which package the data set comes from, the name of the data set, and the number of rows and columns included. Each set is given in .csv form with a documentation file also.
View Resource Statistics Video Presentations

This site presents 19 videos of statisticians summarizing a project that they did. Each video is accompanied by a dataset so that viewers can try to recreate the statistics in the video. Video runtimes vary from about 8 minutes to as many as 35 minutes.
View Resource The eeps Data Zoo

Many data sets useful for modeling bivariate relationships. The data sets are formatted for use in Fathom, but text versions are also available.
View Resource Statistical Datasets from UMASS

"The purpose of this electronic service is to provide access to a collection of datasets suitable for teaching statistics. The datasets are stored either locally or on other computers throughout the world. The datasets have been organized by statistical technique to make it easier for you to find a dataset appropriate for your pedagogical needs. When a dataset is appropriate for several...
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