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View Resource The eeps Data Zoo

Many data sets useful for modeling bivariate relationships. The data sets are formatted for use in Fathom, but text versions are also available.
View Resource Statistical Datasets from UMASS

"The purpose of this electronic service is to provide access to a collection of datasets suitable for teaching statistics. The datasets are stored either locally or on other computers throughout the world. The datasets have been organized by statistical technique to make it easier for you to find a dataset appropriate for your pedagogical needs. When a dataset is appropriate for several...
View Resource Journal of Statistics Education Data Archive

Data sets were submitted by the authors of articles in JSE. Each data set is presented along with a link to the article that references the data.
View Resource Statistics Course Lab Datasets

"This page contains data sets provided by UCLA faculty members in the Social Sciences, OBEE, and Economics departments. The purpose of the page is to provide vivid, real-life examples of how raw data is analyzed using computer programs such as STATA for introductory statistics classes such as Stat 11, Stat 12 and Stat 13." The format of the data is .dta.
View Resource Miscellaneous Datasets

These data sets are separated by different statistical methods used to analyze them.. They are categorical data, linear, nonlinear, logistic, poisson, and negative binomial regression data, experimental design/observational studies/ANOVA data, time series data, and spatio-temporal data.
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