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Statistical Inference and Techniques -- One Numerical Variable Methods

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View Resource American Indian Population in South Dakota

The American Indian population in the U.S., S.D., and many other states has shown significant growth in recent decades. It is also a comparatively young population. In this Bonus Opportunity, you will look at these growth patterns, compare the size and age distribution of the American Indian population in the U.S., S.D., & several reservation counties (& your home state/county if you choose)....
View Resource Badmintion or Basketball?

This activity addresses the concept of sample space. It provides a multi-step procedure and three handouts, which accompany the activity. It addresses events and the availability misconception as well as grouping and forming committees.
View Resource Data Collection+Applets: Fundamental Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

This website provides data files, examples, guides that are referenced in David Howell's textbook published in 2013. There is also a student manual and links to other useful websites.
View Resource Dataset: Career Records for All Modern Position Players Eligible for the Major League Baseball Hall

The dataset described in this article contains data on retired Major League Baseball players, eligible for the MLB Hall of Fame. The data can be used to illustrate descriptive statistical methods (numerical, graphical, and tabular) or inferential statistics (hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, etc.). The data is in .dat format.
View Resource Explanatory Style and Athletic Performance

As described in the web page itself: "This document was prepared as an illustration of the use of both t tests and correlation/regression analysis in drawing conclusions from data in an actual study." The study compares athletic performance of swimmers that are optimists vs. pessimists.
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