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Statistical Inference and Techniques

Statistical Topic Classifications
Categorical Methods (252)
Design of Experiments (30)
Estimation Principles (209)
Linear Models (480)
Multivariate Techniques (39)
Nonlinear Models (22)
Nonparametric Techniques (75)
One Numerical Variable Methods (248)
Sampling Distributions (68)
Significance Testing Principles (370)
Statistical Quality Control (4)
Survival Analysis (48)

View Resource %DELETEFLAG% **Introduction to Control Charts

This site provides resources for basic variable and attribute data set analysis and formulas to plot control charts. It provides basic mathematical formulas to plot control charts. It shows examples for easier understanding of control charts.
View Resource %DELETEFLAG% Music to "Use a t"

This is music to accompany the lyrics written by Jeff Witmer for "Use a t". It is arranged and performed by Roger Espinor and Dr. Debby Espinor at Straightline studios.

http://facstaff3.spu.localdocs$nyaradzoMy DocumentsWinter200...
View Resource %LINKWORKS% Some Anecdotes and Analogies for Illustrating Statistical Ideas

This article provides fun, "real life" examples of various statistical concepts, which can enliven lecture and illustrate such concepts for better understanding for the students.
View Resource %LINKWORKS% Why Kendall Tau?

This article discusses the differences between the Kendall coefficient and the Spearman correlation coefficient as well as assesses its uses and advantages.
View Resource ** StatCrunch

This web-based package does a very complete range of statistical calculations designed to be user friendly. Formerly known as WebStat, it provides statistical calculation functions that would be done in most introductory statistics courses. Notable examples include being able to create histograms, pie charts and boxplots, calculation of summary statistics and confidence intervals, and performing...
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