ISLE: A Browser-Based E-Learning Platform for Teaching Statistics & Data Analysis While Learning How Students Approach It

Tuesday, December 11th, 20182:00 pm – 2:30 pm ET

Presented by: Philipp Burckhardt, Francis R. Kovacs, Rebecca Nugent, and Ron Yurko


In an effort to respond to the growing need to support active engagement with the entire data analysis pipeline at the introductory level, Carnegie Mellon Statistics & Data Science is building ISLE (Integrated Statistics Learning Environment), an interactive, e-learning platform that removes the computing cognitive load and lets students explore Statistics & Data Science concepts in structured and unstructured ways. Usable both inside and outside of the classroom, the browser-based platform also supports student-driven inquiry and case studies. The platform is flexible enough to allow adaptation, providing different modes of data analysis instruction, active learning opportunities, group work, and exercises for different subsets of the population. Students are also able to build their own case studies with little restriction or faculty intervention. In an effort to characterize different student approaches to data analysis, we track and model every click, word used, and decision made throughout the data analysis pipeline from loading the data to the final written report. These metrics can be displayed to instructors, some in real-time and some in report format. In this demonstration, we will give an overview of ISLE’s capabilities and show some insightful examples of modeling student behavior (changing over time) with a particular focus on how students write about data. Webinar participants will be able to interact with an ISLE Data Explorer during the talk.