TigerStat: An Immersive 3-D Game for Statistics Classes

Tuesday, April 23rd, 20132:30 pm – 3:00 pm ET

Presented by: Rod Sturdivant, John Jackson, and Kevin Cummiskey; United States Military Academy, West Point


Technological advances in recent years have changed the possibilities for incorporating non-traditional learning approaches into the classroom. In this webinar we will demonstrate use of a 3-D game, TigerStat, for teaching statistics. In addition to demonstrating the game, we will present the first investigative lab module (lab) developed for teaching simple linear regression in an introductory statistics course. The lab emphasizes statistical thinking and the process of scientific inquiry to students using the game as a part of the data collection effort. The game-based lab presents a research question in the context of a case study and encourages students to follow a complete process of statistical analysis. These labs are designed to 1) foster a sense of engagement, 2) have a low threat of failure early on but create a challenging environment that grows with the students' knowledge, 3) create realistic, adaptable, and straightforward models representing current research in a variety of disciplines, and 4) provide an intrinsic motivation for students to want to learn. The game and lab materials were developed as part of NSF grant TUES DUE #1043814 with co-PI Shonda Kuiper, Grinnell College, and software development by Tietronix Software.