We-17: Developing Interactive Statistics Apps: A look at the project and student experience

By Maria Tackett, Shari Tian, Sean Li, & Emmanuel Mokel (Duke University)


There is a growing collection of interactive web apps to help students understand statistical concepts and how they apply to a variety of data. These apps can not only foster valuable learning experiences for students who use them, but also for the students who develop them. In this poster we share the experience of seven students who developed statistical apps using R Shiny in Summer 2020 and Spring 2021, focusing on three students in Spring 2021. We will describe the general structure of the program, from recruiting to the weekly workflow. Then we will discuss the learning outcomes for the undergraduate student developers, most of whom had one or two statistics courses prior to joining this project. We also share an evaluation of the student experience based on written feedback. We’ll conclude with a description of the current apps and next steps in the project.


We-17 - Developing Interactive Statistics Apps.pdf