We-11: Virtual Tactile Resampling for Permutations and Bootstraps

By Jonathan Wells (Reed College)


When introducing simulation and randomization methods for assessing sampling variability in an introductory statistics class, tactile demonstrations can be effective means of building a student's intuition for the underlying randomization method by anchoring the abstract process in a physical representation. The movement toward online classrooms in light of the ongoing global pandemic has made it far more challenging to distribute physical manipulates, and accessible, customizable, and freely available virtual substitutes are often lacking. In this demonstration, we showcase a shiny applet and the associated .Rmd file that can be used to simulate the tactile activity of shuffling labeled cards for permutation tests, as well as drawing marked chips from a bag for bootstrapping. In particular, this activity provides students with an interactive, visual representation that can be viewed alongside the same R code they will later use to perform resampling and simulation.


We-11 - Virtual Tactile Resampling for Permutations and Bootstraps.pdf