We-10: Using Student-Generated JMP Output and Analysis to Guide Class Discussion

By Elise Lahiere (Montclair State University)


This presentation will exhibit activities from a fully-online introductory undergraduate statistics course, where the lessons provide opportunities for students to actively engage with the course content during class meetings. Students have been using sample data sets to complete guided data exploration in small groups as they learn about the fundamentals of statistics. These small group activities have been followed by student presentations and whole class discussions, enabling the entire class to benefit from multiple examples with a variety of data features. I found that enabling students to select the variables with which they work and create their own JMP outputs to present to the class, has widened the scope of our class discussions and has also enabled students to explore questions about the data that intrinsically interests them. In this presentation, I will discuss these activities, along with excerpts from the class discourse and student generated artifacts.

We-10 - Using Student-Generated JMP Output and Analysis to Guide Class Discussion.pdf