Tu-15: Which Mnemonics do College Students Recall, Explain, and Apply?

By Megan Mocko (University of Florida); Amy Wagler, Lawrence Lesser, Wendy Francis (University of Texas at El Paso)


Building on the growing literature on statistics mnemonics (our 2017 paper is JSE’s third most-read article), this poster will display the results of a study on memory aids in which n = 1434 students were asked in four separate stages over the course of the fall 2017 semester about the memory aids that they could recall, recall when cued, and then apply to a problem. Students were also able to self-report their degree of familiarity with 14 memory aids. The students were in a large introductory statistics class at a large research institution in the southeast United States. This poster will discuss which memory aids students could recall and apply more easily, thus reducing stress and freeing up mental resources to focus on higher-order concepts. We will provide the list of 14 memory aids as well as some key literature references.


Tu-15 - Which Mnemonics do College Students Recall, Explain, and Apply.pdf