Tu-08: The State of Computing in Introductory Statistics

By Chelsey Legacy, Laura Le, Andrew Zieffler (University of Minnesota); Elizabeth Fry (St. Catherine University)


The influx of data and the advances in computing have inspired many statistics educators to update the introductory statistics curriculum to better meet the needs of the contemporary workforce. We developed the COMputational Practices in Undergraduate TEaching of Statistics (COMPUTES) instrument, to measure the extent to which computational practices—specifically data, simulation, and coding practices—are being included in the introductory statistics curriculum. Data collected from 236 tertiary-level instructors of introductory statistics were analyzed to evaluate how much emphasis these computational practices are being given, how these practices are related, and whether emphasis differs across institutional settings. Results from these analyses will be presented in the poster along with a brief discussion.


Tu-08 - The State of Computing in Introductory Statistics.pdf