Tu-04: DataSpace: Integrating Stories, Visualizations, and Statistical Models

By Bowen Mince, Shonda Kuiper, Linh Tang, Britney He, & Senay Gokcebel (Grinnell College)


DataSpace (https://dataspace.sites.grinnell.edu/NYPD_Part1.html) is a freely available online learning environment designed to bridge the gap between short, focused homework problems and the open-ended nature of a real-world problem. These exercises have been used at a liberal arts college where class sizes range from 20 to 30 students. Through this site, students read a journal article based upon current research and then explore their own research questions through online apps that allow students to experiment with interactive data visualizations and statistical models. These articles are specifically written for introductory-level undergraduates. We will demonstrate two examples that encourage students to evaluate the limitations and shortcomings of models as they are applied to 1) the COVID-19 pandemic and 2) stop and frisk policies in New York City. Student evaluations suggest that students find these activities engaging and they help students understand the importance of statistical thinking in real-world problems.]


Tu-04 - DataSpace - Integrating Stories, Visualizations, and Statistical Models.pdf