Th-23: Use of Data and Technology in the AP Statistics Classroom - Themes from Teacher Interviews

By Zachary Vaskalis & Hollylynne Lee (North Carolina State University)


As a follow-up to a national survey, 19 AP Statistics teachers were interviewed regarding their daily teaching practices, beliefs about data and technology, and professional development experiences. A qualitative analysis was conducted and resultant themes include common teaching practices, types of favorite tasks, classroom material preparation and resources, teacher-reported challenges in teaching AP Statistics, professional development successes and needs, beliefs and practices regarding technological tools, as well as datasets and “big data.” Interview data and analysis pertaining to the latter two categories were an obvious choice for this poster, given the theme this year on expanding opportunities. Overall the results seem to indicate a common lack of large datasets (more than 10 variables or 1,000 cases) incorporated as part of standard classroom practice. Results from the major themes identified will be shared as well as implications for future teaching practice, data, technology, and professional development directly related to them.