Th-16: Examining the Use of the LOCUS Assessment with Undergraduate Students

By Nathan Hebert & Douglas Whitaker (Mount Saint Vincent University)


The LOCUS (Levels of Conceptual Understanding in Statistics) assessments are designed to measure conceptual understanding of statistics in ways consistent with the GAISE Framework. Originally designed for high school students, there is interest in using the Intermediate/Advance LOCUS forms with undergraduate students. Using LOCUS data collected from introductory statistics courses , we conducted a preliminary investigation of the validity evidence supporting the use of LOCUS with this population. Exploratory factor analysis was used to examine the internal structure of the LOCUS with this population. Using logistic regression modeling, evidence was found of relationships between scale scores obtained from an attitudinal instrument (the Survey of Attitudes Towards Statistics) predicted LOCUS score. Preliminary findings suggest that administration decisions (e.g., counting the LOCUS as a grade or based on participation) may have an effect.


Th-16 - Examining the Use of the LOCUS Assessment with Undergraduate Students.pdf