Th-14: Preparing nurses for the next pandemic: the role of statistics educators moving forward

By Matthew Hayat (Georgia State); Melinda Higgins (Emory), Myoung Jin Kim (Illinois State); Wei Pan (Duke), Yelena Perkhounkova (University of Iowa), Todd Schwartz (University of North Carolina at CH)


Nurses have held the frontline during the COVID-19 global pandemic and had more direct contact with patients than any other healthcare worker. Statistics knowledge is essential to ensure the best patient outcomes through understanding the information their patients may have read on the internet and through social media. The authors are statistics educators, each with a faculty appointment in a nursing or a health sciences program. The purpose of this poster is to reflect on lessons learned as statistics educators about our successes and challenges in preparing nurses to communicate about statistical concepts and methods. We will describe the importance of team science, training students on collaborating with a statistician, and ethical considerations in speaking to patients and the public about uncertainty. Results of our nurse knowledge study will be summarized (Hayat et al, 2021). Classroom activities for developing student communication skills will also be described.

Hayat, M.J., Kim, M., Schwartz, T.A., Jiroutek, M.R. (2021). A study of statistics knowledge amongst nurse faculty in schools with doctoral programs. Nursing Outlook. 69(2):228-233.


Th-14 - Preparing nurses for the next pandemic.pdf