Th-13: SOMAS/DS: Measuring the Learning Environment, the Instructor, and the Student

By Marjorie Bond (Monmouth College), Leyla Batakci (Elizabethtown College), April Kerby-Helms (Winona State U), Alana Unfried (California State U, Monterey Bay) and Doug Whitaker (Mount Saint Vincent U)


In order to model and understand best practices in Statistics and Data Science education, we need instruments that begin in theory and go through validation processes. The recently funded Developing Validated Instruments to Measure Student / Faculty Attitudes in Undergraduate Statistics and Data Science Education grant (NSF DUE -2013392) will produce a family of instruments that will measure constructs about students, instructors, and the learning environment salient to statistics and data science education. These constructs connect attitudes to an established psychological theory of motivation that is guiding the development process. Data has already been collected in two pilot studies with statistics students, and instruments for use with statistics instructors and data science students are being developed this summer. Come learn about the Survey of Motivational Attitudes towards Statistics / Data Science (SOMAS/DS) and how you can assist in the data collection and validation process.


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