Th-08: Beyond Active Learning: Preliminary hypotheses on the factors that impact gains in introductory statistics: Comparing Simulation vs Consensus Curriculum, Face to Face, Hyflex, and Online Synchronous Modality, and Instructor Factors

By Jennifer McNally & Laura Callis (Curry College)


Simulation-based inference curricula (SBI) improves student understanding of statistical concepts compared to consensus curriculum. However, there are many covariates that may influence gains in statistical understanding that have yet to be investigated: students with learning disabilities (LD) or very weak mathematics backgrounds, modality (hybrid, face-to-face, fully online), active learning techniques, etc.
Curry College is a less selective, private non-profit 4-year liberal arts institution. In part due to its internationally recognized Program for the Advancement of Learning, over 20% of the student body identify as having LD. Since 2019, we have explored the impact of SBI and consensus curriculum in a variety of modalities, with differential results. Analysis of pilot data forms the basis of preliminary hypotheses about factors that influence the efficacy of the curriculum that will be studied in subsequent mixed method studies.


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