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  • Q: Why do students find Experimental Design homework frustrating?
    A: They're given random assignments!

    Larry Lesser

  • Q: Why is an experiment like a virus?

    A: Both have more impact with replication,
    and both need to be controlled.

    Larry Lesser and Dennis Pearl

  • An instructor trying to decide how to offer a course
    borrowed a strategy from randomized experiments:
    heads for face-to-face mode, tails for online.

    Now she has a flipped classroom.

    Larry Lesser

  • My roommate and I argued about what to do,
    so we used an unbiased strategy from randomized experiments:
    heads we play Monopoly, tails we play poker.

    The coin toss was a game changer.​

    Dennis Pearl

  • by Lawrence Mark Lesser

    An           experimental         poem        designed 

    with              two                 blocking         factors, 

    neither           of                      them           gender: 

    it’s                   a                     Latinx            square.