Slip Slidin' to the Mean

Lyric © 2017 Lawrence M. Lesser
may be sung to the tune of “Slip Slidin’ Away” by Paul Simon

CHORUS: Slip slidin’ to the mean, slip slidin’ to the mean,
You know the less your correlation, the more you’re slip slidin’ to the mean.

Well parents have daughter or son—
Their heights were all observed by England’s Francis Galton:
Extreme parents he did see
Had kids that regressed toward mediocrity!

(Repeat Chorus)

And I know a teacher who gave high praise
To the students whose midterms were the highest As;
Those failing badly received rebuke—
But the next test showed those extremes were a partial fluke!

(Repeat Chorus)

And I know a rookie who made the All-Star team
And the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine.
You can imagine what the coach thinks
When the star has sophomore slump as if there was a jinx!

(Repeat Chorus)

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