Scientific Method Blues

Song copyright Kathleen Carroll

If you have a question
You want to test
You've got to make your

For your guess to be smart
Gotta do your part.
Get the research
Before you start.

Oh, the Scientific Method,
It's the way to go, yes it is.
Yes, the Scientific Method,
If you want to show what you know.

And now you're set
To design your test.
Change one variable.
Control the rest.

Then you get your data
That's numbers to you.
Repeat the trials.
Make sure they're true.

[repeat refrain]

And keep a record.
Keep it in a book.
If anyone asks you,
Say, "Take a look!"

Then make a graph
The results to cite.
Then draw the conclusions.
Were you wrong or right?

Oh, it really doesn't matter.
You just want to know.
Right or wrong is not the question.
You just want to show
What you know.
Oh, Yeah! That's right.