Oh Give Me The Range

Lyric © 2015-2016 Lawrence M. Lesser
Sung to the tune of: "Home on the Range"

Oh give me a range where the cattle all graze
By the range of the mountains nearby.
You may have heard other types of this word
Like where missiles and bullets do fly:

CHORUS: Oh, give me the range,
Like the range of the notes of this song.
When melody's scanned, just one octave is spanned,
That helps us to sing along!

Let's look at the facts -- first, label the max
And the minimum value you see.
Then you subtract and report back
Their positive dif'rence to me! (Repeat Chorus)

Oh it's the first tool we learn of in school
To measure variation:
Its units align with the data assigned,
But an outlier causes inflation! (Repeat Chorus)